Our Popcorn

We hand cook our giant popcorn in small batches in a traditional American Kettle.
We only use simple natural ingredients with no hidden nasties.

We are proud that our popcorn is

Vegan Friendly   
Dairy Free          
Gluten Free        
Wheat Free        
Nut Free             
Non GM              
No hydrogenated fats   
No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners   
Sugar free (selected flavours look for the * symbol below)   

Our Flavours

We have a selection of mouth watering flavours to suit everyone's taste, we love experimenting with new ideas so keep an eye out for our new flavours
Sweet & Salty

This is our original recipe known in the states as regular kettlecorn.  It is a simple combination with nothing added except popped corn, sunflower oil, sugar and a touch of salt.  Highly addictive - try stopping before the end of the bag!
Simply Sweet

Sweeter than the sweet and salty and crunchy with no salty taste.  Fantastic for our customers with a sweet tooth.
 Simply Salty *

For people who are sweet enough already! Our simply salty contains no sugar or sweetners - simply popped corn, sunflower oil and salt. 
 Simply Chilli

Don’t be fooled – tastes just like the sweet and salty popcorn but wait for the chilli after hit! We are reliably told by fans of the chilli popcorn that this is the perfect partner to a good pint! - The hottest of our spicy popcorn.
 Simply Garlic *

With its amazing smell this popcorn is a must for garlic lovers. This is another of our sugar free range and with a pinch of salt to add to the gorgeous garlic.
 Simply Jalapeno *

Originally requested by our American customers – this has a lively kick with jalepeno peppers cooked with the popcorn and in the bag. This flavour is sugar free and has a sprinkle of salt to perfect the flavour.